Web Development

Bring more flexibility to your business with a strong online presence through a professionally designed business website.


App Development

We provide modern, well-designed, easy-to-use iOS and Android apps to communicate with your customers and boost your brand.


UX/UI Design

Our UI/UX designers adapt design thinking approach to offer innovative product designs that are intuitive and user friendly in accordance with current market.


Product Architecture Design Service

Evolve with ground-breaking trends by drilling deep into the market and intellectually translating the needs into product features.


Big Data and Predictive Analytics

analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.


Maintenance and support

Our support teams upgrade and update the product with the latest technology to optimize processes and improve overall efficiency.

Featured Projects

Ici Paris

Ici Paris is perfume shop with 18 branched and now already presented in the online space. With more that 25 years of experience, the company offers customers products from up to 80 world-famous perfume brand products, both in luxury and in relatively affordable “Lifestyle” categories.

commitment is an English-Georgian and Georgian-English professional online dictionary. Its purpose is to help people with quality translation, for which it combines general dictionary with various professional terminologies. In addition to instant translation, with the development of a new platform, the company offers customers the flexible service of online certified translation and notarization of documents and continues to develop digital services.


Kings Lietuva

Kings Academic Olympiads is an educational company, operating in Lithuania from 2016 providing educational contests for school students. Kings numbers for 2021 reach registrations of 1/3 (120k) of total students from the country each season. The main mission of the company is to give school students the tool for personal development, self-recognition and to increase their motivation for study.



How we work

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